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If you are a licensed establishment, you'll be provided with a complete selection of wines, foreign and domestic beers, and alcohol at state minimum prices.

You'll receive exceptional guidance on wine choices, drink mixers, beer selections, and more to make your party or special event one to remember.

Huge foreign and domestic selection


-  Blue Moon and Shock Top

-  Sam Adams (including seasonal brews)

-  Coors and Coors Light

-  Miller, Miller Light, Miller 64

-  Michelob, Michelob Light, Michelob Ultra



-  Henry Weinhard's

-  Amstel

-  Heineken

-  Guinness

-  Bass and Smithwick's

-  Dos Equis and Corona

-  Red Stripe

-  Yuengling

Low prices

Need help?

As a locally owned and operated business since 2008, you'll always be treated right when you visit Corner Liquor & Wine. Have questions? Just ask.

Providing an outstanding selection of beers to the Huntington area since 2008.


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